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1. a) Complete the sentences. Use have/has to or don’t/doesn’t have to.
1. You have to understand! There is so way i can accept this.
2. If you want to go to university, you have to study hard.
3. She doesn’t buy a computer. She can my laptop.
4. Students at most schools in the UK have to wear a uniform.
5. I understand what you said, You don’t tell me again!
6. James want to be healthy. He has to be careful about what he eats.
7. You don’t help me with my work. I can do it on my own.

b) Circle the correct words.
1. She’s buying a / some fruit at the supermarket.
2. Can i have a / an orange, please?
3. I can’t buy it, i haven’t got much / many money.
4. How much / many tomatoes have we got?
5. Much / Many people live in this city.
6. If you want something to eat, have a / some  sandwich.
7. We’ve got much / many bread.
8. We haven’t got some / any apples today.
9. Would you like some / any carrots?

2. a) Fill in the puzzle with words for food and drink. What’s the mystery word?

1. Olive oil is a good oil to use in cooking.
2. They come from chickens and you can fry them or boil them eggs.
3. A lot of people put this in coffee. — sugar
4. Lots of people drink orange juice for breakfast.
5. I’d like a glass of mineral water.
6. They are orange and they grow under the ground. — carrots
7. You need bread to make toast.
8. A round fruit is usually red or green. — apple
9. Chicken, lamb and beef, for example. — food
10. Food that we get from the sea. — fish

b) Put the letters in order to find the names of jobs. 
1. cathree — Teacher                 5. lpito — pilot
2. tindest — dentist                   6. weayel —
3. crodot — doctor                     7. rigfhetifr —
4. serun —                                   8. eerening — engineer

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