1. Tiger Woods can play golf very wall. (4 letters)
2. If you don’t study hard, you will fail the exam. (4 letters)
3. We use our noses for breathe. (8 letters)
4. ‘Big’ is the Opposite of ‘small’. (8 letters)
5. The sun goes   _ _ _ _   at sunset. (4 letters)
6. He likes listening to music while doing his homework. (5 letters)
7. I stayed at home all day. (2 letters)


1. Clever. interlined
2. It has a trunk and branches. t _______
3. A tropical fruit. pane low
4. A pain in the mouth. teeth
5. A small piece of rock. stone
6. What are gloves worn on? hand
7. What are the Andes and the Himalayas? m _______


1. Venezuela is a country in
a) Eastern Europe b) South America c) Northern Africa
2. Which material is natural?
a) cotton b) polyester c) nylon
3. What does a composer write?
a) books b) movie scripts c) music
4. Where is cargo loaded onto a ship?
a) at a station b) at a port c) at a shipyard
5. The capital city of Norway is
a) Oslo b) Stockholm c) Zurich
6. Which river is in India?
a) the Rhine b) the Nile c) the Ganges
7. A person who comes third in the Olympic Games wins
a) a brass medal b) a bronze medal c) a silver medal


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