9) b. Match the beginnings and endings to make a summary of the story.
1. Joel, Jess, Pete, and Debbie — d. aren’t enjoying themselves.
2. Debbie’s Dad
3. Debbie tells her dad that they
4. Joel, Pete and Jess
5. Debbie doesn’t want people
6. In the end, they all start

a. calls Debbie
b. to know that they aren’t having a good time.
c. having a good time.
d. aren’t enjoying themselves.
e. are having a good time.
f. are very surprised by what Debbie says.

10) a. Find expressions 1-6 in the photo story. Who says them? How do you say the underlined parts in your language?
1. This is no fun at all. — Joel
2. Hang on. — Debbie
3. No, don’t worry. — Debbie
4. I’m not going to tell people at school, either. — Debbie
5. it’s our fault. — Debbie
6. Let’s play a game, then. — Pete

b. Read the dialogue. Use the underlined parts of the expressions in Exercise 10a to complete it.
Sam: Let’s go shopping. There’s a great now music shop in town.
Louise: I can’t, I haven’t got any money at all.
Sam: Well, ask your parents for some money, then .
Louise: I can’t. They gave me some money yesterday. I spent it all last night, though.
Sam: OK — so it’s you fault that you having got any money.
Louise: Absolutely. hang on — perhaps I can ask my grandparents. 
Sam: Good idea.
Louise: No — i can’t ask them. either. They’re in France on holiday.
Sam: OK — don’t worry. I’ll go shopping alone. No problem!

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