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1) a. Complete the sentences with will or won’t.
1. My train is running late, so I won’t be home before seven o’clock.

2. Julie isn’t feeling well. I don’t think she will go to school today.
3. He’s a really good actor. I’m sure he will become famous one day.
4. We can go to the beach tomorrow. I’m sure it won’t rain.
5. What do you think? Will you go to university?
6. James is in London, so he will/won’t be at the party tonight.
7. It’s quite hot today. I think I won’t go swimming this afternoon.
8. Tom’s always so nice. He … get angry when he finds out.
9. A: Will you come to the match tomorrow?
B: Sorry, but I don’t think I will have time. I will come to the one next week.
10. A: Pat won’t be happy when she sees that you have broken her computer.
B: I know. I will tell her what happened as soon as she comes home.

b. Circle the correct words.
1. My parents are angry / angrily because I didn’t do the washing-up.
2. Our team lost yesterday. Everyone played bad / badly.
3. Last week’s test was easy / easily.
4. My sister sings good / well.
5. Hurry up, Jill! Why are you walking so slow / slowly?
6. Last night I heard a loud / loudly noise outside my room.
7. It was a slow / slowly journey and we arrived very late / lately.
8. The players were all too slow / slowly, that’s why we lost the match.
9. His mum works so hard / hardly — she’s hard / hardly at home.

2) a. Circle the correct words.
1. I’ll probably / sure get a good job.
2. Joanne doubts / hopes to become a famous singer.
3. Maybe / Don’t think she’ll have children.
4. Nick thinks / probably they’ll get married soon:
5. I’m doubt / sure he’ll learn to drive.
6. We’ll doubt / probably watch TV tonight.
7. I doubt / sure he’ll come with us.
b. Use the words to complete the sentences.

lightning, foggy, shower, thunder, wind, hot, rain, sun

1. There was such a strong wind that some trees fell down.
2. The castle on that hill burnt down because it was struck by lightning.

3. There was heavy rain for three days — the streets looked like rivers.
4. It didn’t really rain very hard — it was only a shower.
5. We didn’t sit on the beach after 11 am. There was too mach sun and it was too hot.
6. I’ve just heard some thunder from far away i think there’ll be a storm soon.
7. I couldn’t see anything from my window this morning — it was really foggy outside!

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