4. Read the telephone conversation. Underline the correct options.

Andy: Hi Sophie. It’s me, Andy. What do you do/are you doing?
Sophie: Nothing really. Why?
Andy: Do you want to go to the cinema with me? I go/am going every Friday.
Sophie: Well, I don’t know. I can only go after eight o’clock. We always have/ are having dinner at 7.30. My mum cooks/ is cooking dinner now.
Andy: No problem. Let’s meet at the cinema at 8.15.
Sophie: OK. Great! But Andy — I can hear a lot of noise in your house. What is it?
Andy: Oh, that’s my bother. He listens / is listening to music upstairs. He always plays / is playing very loud music!
Sophie: Oh, I see! OK — well, I’ll see you at 8.15. Thanks for calling.
Andy: See you Sophie! Bye.

5. Read the text. Write the missing words in the correct places in the puzzle. What’s the mystery word?

My friend Jane and I have got lots of hobbies and interests. We really like going to the cinema at the weekends. Both of us like listening to music too, and we like dancing at parties if the music’s really good! Jane’s better at music than me — she enjoys playing the guitar when she’s at home. We like different sports — Jane often goes going in the park in the morning but I prefer … in the poor or in the river. I like … pictures at school in the Art lessons, but Jane’s favorite subject is English because she loves … books. There’s one thing we both hate — playing …. games!
6. Make sentences withe the correct from of have to / don’t have to.

1. I / tidy my room
have to tidy my room.

2. I/ do the cooking
I don’t have to do the cooking

3. You / study for the test tomorrow
You have to study for the test tomorrow.

4. My older sister / go to bed before 11 o’clock
My older sister doesn’t have to go to bed before 11 o’clock.

5. My brother / go to school on Saturday
My brother have to go to school on Saturday.

6. I / get up early on Sunday
I don’t have to get up early on Sunday.

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