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1. a) Complete the sentences. Use the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs. 
While I was walking (walk) down the street yesterday, saw (see) a friend of mine. He was looking (look) in a shop window. I was starting (start) to cross the road to say hello to him. While I was crossing (cross) the road, I was heard a noise. A bus was coming in my direction! The bus was stopped very close to me. I was lucky it was didn’t hit me!

b. Complete the sentences. Use the comparative or superlative from of the underlined adjectives
1. I’m a good player, but Steve is better than me and Jane is the best player in the school!
2. Question 1 was easy. Question 4 was easier than question 1, and question 6 was the easiest question of all.
3. Last night’s match was exciting, but Saturday’s match was more exciting than last night’s match, and Sunday’s match was the most exciting ever
4. Yesterday was a bad day for me, but Thursday was worse than yesterday and Friday was the worse day of my life!

c. Complete the sentences. Write the adverbs.
1. They ran home quickly (quick)
2. She smiled happily (happy)
3. My brother speaks French fluently (fluent)
4. The hairdresser cut my hair very worse (bad) 5. I answered all the questions easily (easy)
6. Our team played very goodly (good)

2. a. Put the letters in the correct order to find the adjectives and write them next to their opposites.

good, udifticfl, guly, smeys, yonsi, pxsivenee, lows

1. bad — good
2. fast — slow
3. cheap — expensive
4. beautiful — ugly
5. tidy — messy
6. quiet — noisy
7. easy — difficult 

b. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb get and one of the words in the box.

home, a surprise, good ideas, the answer, old, wet

1. It rained very hard last Saturday when I was in town, and I got very wet
2. Our dog can’t walk very well because he’s get very old now
3. I get a surprise yesterday. My uncle sent me some money!
4. The party was great, and I didn’t get home until midnight!
4. My brother says he get good idea when he daydreams.
6. I love Maths, and I’m always happy when I get the answer right.

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