3. b. Read the text again and listen. Match the two parts of the sentences.
1. In 2007, politicians in Paris
2. People only have to pay
3. At more than 1,450 bicycle stations,
4. Some people
5. Politicians think the Velib scheme
6. If we don’t change the situation,

a. if they use the bike for more than half an hour
b. still use cars to travel across the city.
c. might help to make the air in Paris cleaner.
d. people can take bikes and leave them.
e. the problem of pollution will get bigger.
f. started a scheme to reduce pollution in the city.

2. c. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box.

waste, drop, clean up, recycle, pick up, cut down, pollute

1. Don’t drop litter. Someone has to … it …!
2. We will … your empty bottles. Leave them here.
3. Water is important, so don’t … it.
4. Every year, people have to … thousands of tonnes of oil from beaches.
5. Factories and power stations … the air we breathe and our water.
6. Every year, companies … 78 million acres of rainforest, an area larger than Poland.

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