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1) a. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs.

1. If I clean (clean) the house, my parents will give (give) me some extra money.
2. I will phone (phone) Mike if he doesn’t arrive (not arrive) before 10 2 I o’clock.
3. If you speak very (speak) very fast, they doesn’t understand (not understand) they you.
4. If Marco phones (phone) tonight, will you tell (tell) him I’m at Sally’s house?
5. Your parents will not know (not know) if you don’t tell (not tell) them.

b. Complete the questions with the correct question tags.
1. You like this music, don’t you?
2. Your sister goes to my school, doesn’t she?
3. His father’s French, isn’t he?
4. We’re late, aren’t we?
5. They aren’t at home, they are ?
6. She hasn’t been to Canada, has she ?

c. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present perfect simple.
1. John’s has just had (just have) his breakfast
2. A: Would you like some chocolate?
B: No, thanks. I have already had (already have) some.
3. Have you bought (buy) your sister a present yet?
4. We have already finished (already finish) our homework.
5. Has Marta seen (see) the film yet?

2) a. Write the missing British or North American English words.
British English                                  North American English 
        flat                                                         ¹ apartment.
       ²lift                                                             elevator
      ³lorry                                                            truck
    rubbish                                                        ⁴garbage
   ⁵footpath                                                       sidewalk

b. Complete clues 1-9 and fill in the puzzle what’s the mystery word?

1. Please don’t drop litter on the floor
2. When something is wet it is musty.
3. Temperatures around the world are rising every year. This is called global warming.
4. You can recycle glass, paper and plastic.
5. Please put your rubbish in the bin.
6. Please turn off the TV. Don’t waste electricity!
7. There’s a lot of litter here on the street — let’s pick it up.
8. There’s a very large rain street in the Amazon.
9. My bike’s very dirty, so I’m going to clean it.

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