5. c. Complete the sentences with the correct form of be allowed to.
1. Look at the sign, Dad! You aren’t allowed to turn right here.
2. You can take photos in the museum, but you … use a flash.
3. It’s OK to take our bikes into the park, Steve we … cycle there.
4. There’s a river in our town, but we … swim in it.
5. My dad smokes but he … smoke at home.
6. … you … use your mobile phone at school?

d. Write sentences using let (someone) do.
1. I don’t listen to music after midnight — my parents say no. My parents don’t let me listen to music after midnight.
2. I watch the late-night film on Fridays-my parents say I can. My parents let me watch the late-night film.
3. My brother doesn’t use my computer-I say he can’t. I don’t let him use my computer.
4. We never run in the corridors at my school — the teachers say we can’t. The teachers do not let us run in the corridors.
5. We don’t wear trainers to school -the head teacher says we can’t. The head teacher doesn’t let us wear trainers to school .
6. I drive our car sometimes — my dad says it’s OK! My dad lets me drive our car sometimes.

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