1 Do the word puzzle and find the name of the biggest film of 1997.

1 A film that is full of explosions and car chases.
2 A cartoon style film, usually for children.
3 An exciting film full of suspense.
4 A film with a powerful story.
5 A film that makes you laugh and maybe cry.
romantic comedy
6 A film about other worlds.
science fiction
7 A film that makes you laugh.science fiction

1 Circle the correct form of the verb.
1 I haven’t
watched / been watching TV for more than a week.
2 I’ve seen / been seeing this film before.
3 The cinema has shown / been showing the same film for weeks now.
4 If you’ve lost / been losing your ticket, you can’t come in.
5 They’ve waited / been waiting in the cinema queue for three hours.
6 You’ve read / been reading the TV guide for an hour. Can I have a look now

1 Match the parts to make types of TV programme.
0 chat — show
1 game — show
2 drama — series
3 sit — com
4 sports — programme
5 the — news

1 Complete the conversation with the words in the list. There are three you won’t use.
‘re watching | let | ‘ve been watching | the news | jazz | allowed to | watch | to watch | watched | ‘ve watched | guitar | drama series
DANNY Ben, it’s my turn to watch TV. BEN Just give me twenty more minutes.
DANNY But you have been watching TV for more than two hours now. You’re not even allowed to watch so much TV. Does Mum know? BEN Yes, she does. Anyway I’m almost finished.
DANNY Yes but I want to watch the news and it starts in five minutes.
BEN You can watch it later. I really need to see the end of this.
DANNY What is it that you‘re watching anyway? BEN CrimeWave
DANNY What, that American drama series? BEN Yes, that’s the one. It’s the last episode in the series. I can’t miss it. I have watched all the others. I want to know how it ends. DANNY I’ll tell you how it ends. The policeman’s the murderer. Now let me watch my show.

1 Complete the sentences with the words in the list. Then listen and check.
smog | flooding | global warming | pollution | fumes | litter
1 With the Earth’s temperature rising each year, many scientists now believe global worming is the biggest threat to our planet.
2 Fumes from factories and cars are creating huge pollution problems and many of the world’s largest cities are permanently covered by thick smog.
3 There has been serious flooding across the area and many people have had to leave their homes.
4 I get so angry when I see people dropping litter in the streets. Why can’t they use the bins?

1 Match the sentences and the tags.
1 You don’t care about the environment — f do you?
2 You campaign for the environment — h don’t you?
3 Global warming is getting serious — a isn’t it?
4 The world’s not going to end tomorrow- g is it?
5 You didn’t go on the protest march — b did you?
6 You threw your rubbish in the bin- e didn’t you?
7 The Earth can’t take much more — c can it?
8 Science can find a solution -d can’t it?

2 Complete with the correct question tags.
1 You’re from Argentina, aren’t you?
2 This is pretty easy, isn’t it?
3 You know him, don’t you?
4 They played really well, didn’t they?
5 They don’t speak English, do they?
6 She’s working in London now, isn’t she?
7 He can’t sing, can he?
8 He won’t be late, will he?
9 You’ve been to Canada, havn’t you?
10 I shouldn’t have said that, should i?

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