Party time
1 Match the sentence halves.
Am 1 ready for the party? Well, so fa r…
1 I haven’t found anywhere □ g to have a party
2 I haven’t got permission □ f from Mum and Dad
3 I haven’t drawn up □ — a the guest list
4 So clearly I haven’t sent out □ d a deposit for one.
5 I haven’t hired □ c aDJ.
6 Or even got the money to pay □
7 I haven’t decorated □ e the room
8 And I haven’t organised □ b the food,

1 Complete the sentences with the words in the list.
everything | something | everyone | nowhere | somewhere | anyone | no one | nothing
The party was terrible.
1 I didn’t know anyone
2 Everyone I tried to speak to just ignored me.
3 There was nothing to eat at all.
4 You had to pay for a drink and everything menu was really expensive.
5 I wanted to leave my coat, somewhrer was no cloakroom.
6 It was so crowded there was nowhere to sit.
7 I wanted something to do so I went to the dance floor.
8 But no one wanted to dance with me.

1 Complete the conversation with the words in the list. There are two you won’t use.
something | everywhere | sent out | decorating | everyone | get | anyone everything | hiring | nowhere | organising | anything
POPPY: So Jake, is everthing ready for the party tomorrow?
JAKE: I think so. I’ve just finished decorating the room and organisingthe food
POPPY: So there will be anything eat?
JAKE: Yes, and to drink.
POPPY: So who’s coming? anyone I know?
JAKE: There’ll be loads of people you know. I sent out about 30 invitations.
POPPY: That’s a lot of people. Did you have to get permission from your parents?
JAKE: Of course, I’m having the party at our house.
POPPY: Is there anything I can do?
JAKE: Well, you could bring some music with you. I’m not hiring a DJ.
POPPY OK, I’ll bring some music that will get everyone dancing.

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