1 Use the words in brackets and any other necessary words to complete the sentences.
1 The Oscars are the most important award ceremony in the film industry.
2 The host wasn’t funnyer the guy who did it last year.
3 The ceremony was a lot long.
4 The best actor’s speech was the worst I can remember.
5 However, I think the actors were dressed more beautiful than usual.
6 Apparently one actress was wearing the most expensive dress in the world.

2 Rewrite the sentences so that they mean the same thing.
1 It’s hotter today than it was yesterday.
Yesterday wasn’t as hot as it is today.
2 I’ve never seen a more boring film in my life.
That was the most boring film i’ve ever seen.
3 She’s the kindest person I know.
I don’t know anyone as kind as she is.
4 I used to remember things more easily when I was younger.
I don’t remember thingd as easily as when i was younger.
5 Martin and Steve play tennis equally as well.
Steve plays tennis as equally as Martin
6 It’s the most expensive car in the world.
There isn’t car as expencivle as this.

Reported speech
1 Report the conversation.
0 JILL: I need help.
1 SUE: What’s the matter?
2 JILL: I can’t find my key.
3 SUE: Check inside your pocket.
4 JILL: I’ve already done that.
5 SUE: Have you checked the door?
6 JILL: Why do you want me to do that?
7 SUE: That’s where you always leave them.

1 Put the dialogue in order. Listen and check.
BRIAN I’ve been feeling really sick recently.
VICKY Oh dear. What’s wrong?
BRIAN I’m not sure. Every day I wake up more tired than the day before.
VICKY Sick and tired. You should see a doctor.
BRIAN I know. I’m not sure I can wait that long.
VICKY You’d better call them and tell them it’s an emergency.
BRIAN I’m going to. I’ve made an appointment.
VICKY Well hopefully he’ll be able to help you get better.
BRIAN The problem is it’s for next Thursday. They didn’t have one any earlier.
VICKY What! That’s a week from now.

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