1. How are your friendships different now than they were when you were a child?
When I were a child, friendship for me, it’s something like, «if i can just play with this person, he is my friend». Now I have only two besties and also two friends, named Hasmik and Satuk. They are my friends because they always help me and give me advices if I needed it.
2. What factors may result in the breakdown of a good friendship?
Idk maybe lies and betrayal.
3. What qualities do you think are important in a friend?
important qualities is reliability, trust…
4. How do you maintain a good friendship?

I’m a little bit introverted, so it’s to hard to me found friends, or acquainted with new persons. So that’s why I haven’t to much friends. I have been in touch with my best friend for more than 8 years, and we have become very close during this time. Sometimes it takes a long time to get used to people.
5. Do you believe your parents should be your friends?

Of course! parents are the only people who will not betray. Ыou have to trust your parents, and they must understand and support you.

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