Homework 16.11.20

Asking for and offering help
1 Complete the words in the sentences.
1 Have you got a for me?
2 Can I help you?
3 Can you I___________me a help?
4 Could you help me with something?
5 Do you need any help?

2 Put the dialogue in order.
Mimi: Dad, have you got a few minutes?
Dad: That depends. What do you want?
Mimi: Could you help me with my homework?
Dad: I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy.
Mimi: But you said you’d help me.
Dad: So I’ll make you a deal.
Mimi: What deal?
Dad: Tidy your room and then I’ll lend you a hand with your homework.
Mimi: That’s the same deal we had before!
Dad: And you said you’d tidy your room — remember?
Mimi: I said that I was going to tidy it after I’d done my homework.

IT vocabulary
1) Match the sentence halves.
1 Have you seen that Brian has posted another message on the school website?
2 Before you start you have to key in your password.
3 I’m having a problem installing this program. Can you help?
4 Send me the photo. You can attach all my holiday photos online.
5 I’m going to upload the flight mode on this tablet.
6 I’m sorry. I deleted your message. Can you send it again?
7 I’m not sure how to activate it to an email.
8 It’s taking ages to download this file. It’s really big.

Passive tenses
1 Rewrite the sentences using the passive.
1 Five people have posted new messages on my website.
New messages was posted on my website by five people.
2 Someone uploaded the video onto YouTube.
The video was uploaded onto YouTube.
3 Someone had already keyed in my password.
My password was already keyed.
4 Two million people have downloaded this video.
This video was downloaded by two million people.
5 No one activated the flight mode.
The flight mode wasn’t activated.
6 The program is attaching the file to the message.
The file is attaching to the message, on the program.

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