1 What tense? Write PS (present simple) PC (present continuous) PPS (present perfect simple) or PPC (present perfect continuous).
0 I haven’t decided what I want to do yet. PPS
1 I always do my homework when I get home from school. PS
2 Liam hasn’t been doing well at school for a few months. PPC
3 My sister‘s always talking on her phone. PS
4 They‘ve been thinking about buying a new house for more than a year now. PPC
5 Jim‘s forgotten to do his homework again. PPS
6 Steve doesn’t want to go to university next year. PS
7 It’s the last week of term so we‘re not doing very much at school. PC

2 ★ ★ Complete the sentences with the words in the list.
‘ve been writing | don’t write | ‘ve played | ‘s playing | hasn’t been playing | plays | haven’t written | ‘m writing
1 No, he’s not busy. He‘ s playing cards on the computer.
2 I‘m writing my party invitations. Who should I invite?
3 Most people don’t write letters, just emails.
4 I‘ve been writing all morning. My hand’s tired.
5 My cousin usually plays tennis twice a day. He loves it.
6 I haven’t written to thank my aunt for my present yet. I must do it tonight.
7 We ‘ve played all of these games. Have you got any others?
8 She’s not very good at the piano. She hasn’t been playing for very long.

3 ★ ★ (^ircle) the correct words.
We do/ ‘re doing some really important exams at school over the next few weeks so I spend/ ‘m spending most of my free time studying for them at
the moment. Normally the two things I like / ‘m liking most in life are TV and computer games but I don’t watch / ‘m not watching any TV and I don’t play/I’m not playing computer games while the exams are on.
I usually help/am helping my dad in the shop at the weekends. He doesn’t pay/ isn’t paying me a lot but I like / ‘m liking getting the money. I don’t work / ‘m not working there for a while. I need/ ‘m needing the
time for revision.

4 ★ ★ Complete the conversations. Use the present perfect simple or continuous.
1) A. You look tired, Paula.
В. I am. I‘ve not slept very well lately. (not sleep)
2) A. Have you finished your homework? (finish)
В. Nearly.
3) A. Where’s Bob?
В. I don’t know. I haven’t seen him for a few hours, (not see)
4) A. You’re dirty. What have you been doing? (do)
В. Helping Mum in the garden.

5 ★ ★ ★ Complete the conversation with the verb in brackets. Use present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple or present perfect continuous.
JULES: Have you seen (see) Tara recently? I don’t (not see) her for weeks.
DAN: No, but she … (text) me most days.
JULES: So what … (do) these days?
DAN: Well, she … (train) really hard for the past month.
JULES: Training? For what?
DAN: She … (want) to be a professional footballer. Chelsea football club … (invite) her to train with them. She starts with them on Monday.

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