Present perfect simple/ Present perfect continuous

A) 1. I’ve seen this film alredy.
2. Jony and Julie … their car for about a year.
3. She havn’t took her driving test yet.
4. Sue has been a tour guide since she left university.
5. Have you ridden into town on your new bike yet?
6. This new computer has made my life a lot easier.
7. We havn’t deciden what to get Mark for his birthday yet.
8. Has Paul ever meet a famous person.

B) 1. A
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. A
6. A
7. B
8. B

C) 1. Lesson hasn’t started yet
2. Teacher has already wrote on the board.
3. Joe and Tim has just came into the classroom.
4. Tony has not finished getting books ready
5. Christine has already opened book.
6. Dave has dropped pen on the floor.
7. He hasn’t picked it up yet.

D) 1. has you been doing
2. I’ve been studying
3. Have you been working hard?
4. I’ve just been sitting
5. I haven’t been going
6. i’ve been working
7. I have been painting
8. we also have been planing
9. We have been looking
10. I have been thinking

1. been hearing
2. arrived
3. written
5. invited
6. read
7. been playing

F) 1. yet
2. for
3. ever
4. never
5. since
6. just
7. already


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