1 ★ Match the sentences with the pictures.

1 If we lose this game, I won’t be happy. — C

2 If we lost this game, I’d be very surprised. — B

3 If it snows tomorrow, we won’t have to go to school. — A

4 If it snowed here, it would be very strange. — D

2 ★ ★ Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets to make first or second conditional sentences.

0 I will tell (tell) you my secret if you promise (promise) not to tell anyone.
1 . The cat will bite you ,if you touch it.
2. If he were taller ,he would be a really good basketball player.
3. If I met the president ,I would ask him to do more for the environment.
4. If we don’t leave now, we will miss the train.
5. If I knew the answer, I wouldn’t still help you.
6. If we don’t stop talking now, the teacher will get angry with us.
7. I would run away, if I saw tiger in the jungle.
8. I will be very surprised if we don’t win.

4 ★ the correct words.

1 Dad’s going to get a new computer when / unless he has enough money.
2 I’ll phone you until/as soon as she leaves.
3 We’ll start the meeting until/when Mr Benson arrives.
4 If/ Until I don’t pass my English test, I’ll take it again.
5 You won’t pass your driving test if/ unless you practise more.
6 We’ll watch the game as soon as /until halftime.

5 ★ ★ Complete the sentences with if, unless, until or as soon as.

1 if we don’t hurry up, we’ll be late for the party.
2 Jim’s got the tickets so we’ll have to wait unless he gets there before we can get in.
3 What will you do, if we don’t get any homework this weekend?
4 She can’t talk because she’s in the shower. She’ll call you as soon as she gets out.
5 I’m seeing john tonight so I’ll ask him___________ I see him.
6 If we can’t get tickets, we can just watch the game on T V at my house.
7 I’ve got to go to the shops. Can you look after Tim I get back?
8 I can’t go to the party if I don’t finish my project by Friday.

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