My favourite corner in the school. Where do you like to spend your time? Why?

Our school has already become a very dear place to me. I feel very comfortable there.

Our high and middle schools are in the same branch. Everything is very different and unique. Classrooms are made of transparent glass, and it is brighter and calmer that way. There are 2 large libraries in the school, where there are almost all the books that you would think of. It is also very beautiful and conveniently decorated there. Going there, it seems like a desire to read a book.

Our school often hosts various events and concerts, so we have many large concert halls. The most prominent is the marble hall, which is located in the center of the school, where most of the events are held, and the mediafridays that take place every Friday. And finally, my favorite place is the red hall, or the small hall. After the renovation, it is no longer red, but the name, Red Hall, is irreplaceable. Because it is small, I always feel very comfort there. and the decorations also is so gorgeous. Instead of a wall, there is a big glass in the school yard, you just want to sit there listening to a song with headphones and just look at what is going on outside.

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