7 Wonders of the World

Great Wall of China (China)
Great Wall of China

Built between the 5th century B.C. and the 16th century, the Great Wall of China is a stone-and-earth fortification created to protect the borders of the Chinese Empire from invading Mongols. The Great Wall is actually a succession of multiple walls spanning approximately 4,000 miles, making it the world’s longest manmade structure.

Christ the Redeemer Statue (Rio de Janeiro)
Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

The Art Deco-style Christ the Redeemer statue has been looming over the Brazilians from upon Corcovado mountain in an awe-inspiring state of eternal blessing since 1931. The 130-foot reinforced concrete-and-soapstone statue was designed by Heitor da Silva Costa and cost approximately $250,000 to build — much of the money was raised through donations. The statue has become an easily recognized icon for Rio and Brazil.

Machu Picchu (Peru)

Machu Picchu, an Incan city of sparkling granite precariously perched between 2 towering Andean peaks, is thought by scholars to have been a sacred archaeological center for the nearby Incan capital of Cusco. Built at the peak of the Incan Empire in the mid-1400s, this mountain citadel was later abandoned by the Incas. The site remained unknown except to locals until 1911, when it was rediscovered by archaeologist Hiram Bingham. The site can only be reached by foot, train or helicopter; most visitors visit by train from nearby Cusco.

Chichen Itza (Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico)

The genius and adaptability of Mayan culture can be seen in the splendid ruins of Chichen Itza. This powerful city, a trading center for cloth, slaves, honey and salt, flourished from approximately 800 to 1200, and acted as the political and economic hub of the Mayan civilization. The most familiar ruin at the site is El Caracol, a sophisticated astronomical observatory.

The Roman Colosseum (Rome)

Rome’s, if not Italy’s, most enduring icon is undoubtedly its Colosseum. Built between A.D. 70 and 80 A.D., it was in use for some 500 years. The elliptical structure sat nearly 50,000 spectators, who gathered to watch the gladiatorial events as well as other public spectacles, including battle reenactments, animal hunts and executions. Earthquakes and stone-robbers have left the Colosseum in a state of ruin, but portions of the structure remain open to tourists, and its design still influences the construction of modern-day amphitheaters, some 2,000 years later.

Taj Mahal (Agra, India)

A mausoleum commissioned for the wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahalwas built between 1632 and 1648. Considered the most perfect specimen of Muslim art in India, the white marble structure actually represents a number of architectural styles, including Persian, Islamic, Turkish and Indian. The Taj Mahal also encompasses formal gardens of raised pathways, sunken flower beds and a linear reflecting pool.

Petra (Jordan)

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1985, Petra was the capital of the Nabataean empire of King Aretas IV, and likely existed in its prime from 9 B.C. to A.D. 40. The members of this civilization proved to be early experts in manipulating water technology, constructing intricate tunnels and water chambers, which helped create an pseudo-oasis. A number of incredible structures carved into stone, a 4,000-seat amphitheater and the El-Deir monastery have also helped the site earn its fame.

Winter sports (Skiing)

  1. The word ‘Ski’ is derived from the Norwegian word ‘skíð’ which means a split piece of wood.
  2. The first recorded downhill skiing race was held in Sweden, in 1879.
  3. Alpine skiing made its first debut in the Winter Olympics of 1936 and German born Franz Pfnür became the first man to win the gold medal in the championship.
  4. ‘Skiing’ is the only six-letter word in the English language with a double ‘i’ exactly in the middle.
  5. Skiing is one of the fastest non-motorized sports on land. Skiers can ski faster than a car and this was proven by Simone Origone in 2006 that set a world speed skiing record at 156.2 miles per hour compared to the speed of road cars at 120 miles per hour.

Did you know

  • Did you know a bear has 42 teeth
  • Did you know an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain
  • Did you know rabbits like licorice
  • Did you know a lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue
  • Did you know armadillos have 4 babies at a time and are all the same sex
  • Did you know reindeer like bananas
  • Did you know the longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds
  • Did you know birds need gravity to swallow
  • Did you know a cat has 32 muscles in each ear
  • Did you know goldfish can see both infrared and ultraviolet light

  • Did you know 55% of all movies are rated R
  • Did you know there are 22 stars in the Paramount studios logo
  • Did you knowthe first James Bond movie was called ‘Dr. No’

Christmas selections in different countries «Korea»

Department stores put on big displays of decorations. There’s also an amazing display of lights in the capital city, Seoul. Presents are exchanged and a popular present is money.

In South Korea, Santa Horabji or Santa Grandfather is frequently seen wearing a blue suit rather than a red one. It is also believed that the original Santa was dressed in green with silver trimmings.

Santa Claus didn’t become popular in Korea at the time Christmas did. He has gradually been introduced as a marketing tool and to entertain children. Santa gives gifts at public events or civic visits but rarely to individual homes.


1. Tiger Woods can play golf very wall. (4 letters)
2. If you don’t study hard, you will fail the exam. (4 letters)
3. We use our noses for breathe. (8 letters)
4. ‘Big’ is the Opposite of ‘small’. (8 letters)
5. The sun goes   _ _ _ _   at sunset. (4 letters)
6. He likes listening to music while doing his homework. (5 letters)
7. I stayed at home all day. (2 letters)


1. Clever. interlined
2. It has a trunk and branches. t _______
3. A tropical fruit. pane low
4. A pain in the mouth. teeth
5. A small piece of rock. stone
6. What are gloves worn on? hand
7. What are the Andes and the Himalayas? m _______


1. Venezuela is a country in
a) Eastern Europe b) South America c) Northern Africa
2. Which material is natural?
a) cotton b) polyester c) nylon
3. What does a composer write?
a) books b) movie scripts c) music
4. Where is cargo loaded onto a ship?
a) at a station b) at a port c) at a shipyard
5. The capital city of Norway is
a) Oslo b) Stockholm c) Zurich
6. Which river is in India?
a) the Rhine b) the Nile c) the Ganges
7. A person who comes third in the Olympic Games wins
a) a brass medal b) a bronze medal c) a silver medal


My hobby

  • What is your hobby?
    My hobby is dancing and listen to music
  • How long have you had a hobby?
    from childhood
  • Why do people have hobbies?
    Because people want to do what they like
  • Why did you start your hobby?
    Because I like it
  • Can you make money from doing your hobby?
    No i can’t make money from my hobby, and I do not do that for the money
  • How many hours a week do you spend on your hobby?
    Minimum 1 hour, because i’m study dance, and It takes a long time
  • Is your hobby safe or dangerous?
    No my hobby is safe
  • What is a hobby?
    When a person in his free time does something he likes
  • Why do people need hobbies?
    people need hobbies, so that free time does not go unnoticed
  • What can one do as a hobby?
    Singing, dancing and then more
  • How much time can one spend on his/her hobby?
    So much that does not tire
  • What is your hobby?
    My hobby is dancing and listening to music
  • Does your hobby interfere with your work/study/personal life?
    Yes study is interfere with my hobby.
  • Do you spend money on your hobby?
  • Does your hobby influence your choice of friends?
    I don’t know, but i think no
  • Can a hobby save a child from bad peer influence?
  • Can a hobby be dangerous?
  • Have you got a hobby?
  • How long have you had your hobby?
  • Which hobbies are the most expensive?
  • Which hobbies are the cheapest?
  • Which hobbies cost nothing at all?
  • Which hobbies are the most popular in your country?
  • Is hunting a hobby or a sport in your country?
  • Which hobbies are the most popular with women in your country? With men?
  • Did you have any hobbies when you were a child?
  • Can you think of any hobbies which are popular with children and adults?
  • Do you think a hobby is different from a sport?
  • Are there any hobbies you would like to try?
  • Are there any dangerous hobbies?
  • Are there any hobbies you can do in other countries, but not your own?
  • Which hobbies do you think are the most difficult?

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Take Care of Yourself

1. What does «tuition» mean?

a) the money you pay to live in an apartment

b) the money someone pays you to work for them

c) the money you pay to a university to study there

d) the money a university gives you to help you study

2. What does «grumpy» mean?

a) upset and irritable

b) confused

c) energetic

d) tired

3. What does «healthy» mean?

a) good for your body

b) good for your emotional state

c) good for your mental state

d) all of the above

Grammar Questions

1. She decides ________ to class.

a) to walk

b) walking

c) walk

d) walked

2. Valerie keeps ________ sick.

a) having

b) getting

c) being

d) doing

3. She is so much ________ when she arrives.

a) happy

b) happiest

c) more happy

d) happier

Comprehension Questions

1. Why does Valerie always feel frustrated and irritable?

2. What healthy changes does Valerie make in her life?

3. In your opinion, why is it important to take care of yourself?

in my opinion, a person should follow himself, so that he would not get sick and could do everything better and faster.

The history of the book

Initially, people wrote books manually and, if they made a mistake, had to tear the page down and write again. At that time, when a people had more than two books, he was considered to be very rich, because the books were very expensive. Then, when people have the opportunity to print books, their books have become more and more evident.

Սկզբում մարդիկ գրքերը գրել են ձեռքով և մի սխալ անելու դեպքում ստիպված են եղել էջը պատռել և նորից գրել: Այն ժամանակ երբ մարդը երկուսից ավել գիրք է ունեցել համարվել է շատ հարուստ, որովհետև գրքերը շատ թանկ են եղել: Հետո արդեն երբ մարդիկ գիրք տպելու հնարավորություն են ունեցել, գրքերը շատացել են և եժանացել:

From the clay tablets to the e-book format, the book has enjoyed a remarkable evolution.

Կավե տախտակներից մինչև էլեկտրոնային գրքի ձևաչափը, գրքերը հիանալի էվոլյուցիա են ունեցել:


The world’s smallest book is Teeny Ted from Turnip Town.


When traveling throughout Armenia, you’ll notice that the country is rich in monasteries, and Noravank is one of the most impressive ones in the whole country. Smooth brick-red hills shield the monastery, which was built in the 13th century. If you are short on time and undecided which site to see while planning your trip here, do choose Noravank.

My favorite city

My favorite city Seoul,` City Korea. I very very much love Korea, and Seoul is very beautiful city.

                                        Facts about Seoul 

1. Seoul is the capital and largest city in South Korea.

2. The official name of the city is the Seoul Special Metropolitan City.

3. Seoul is situated in the northwest part of South Korea on the Han River.

4. The sprawling metropolitan area is much larger at 25.6 million people – the 5th most populous in the world.

5. Seoul is noted for its population density, which is almost twice that of New York and eight times greater than Rome.

6. The city is bordered by eight mountains, as well as the more level lands of the Han River plain and western areas.

                                Seoul Korea Sightseeing