All parents should be required to attend parenting classes before having a child

I do not agree with that idea. I think that you don’t have to take courses, but to be sure that you can take care of your child fully, is a must. To be sure that child’s desires and cardigans can be fully taken care of financially and mentally. Keeping a child is a very big responsibility, and everyone should understand this. Since the child also needs a lot of time, and you can’t just leave the child at home and go to work every day, with this you will be very detached from the child, and it is important for the child to be with his parents from childhood, to get closer to them, and not with a babysitter or someone else. Of course, mental stability is also needed for patents, so as not to complicate the child’s life because of their problems. But in order to achieve all this awareness, no course is needed, only cold judgment and intelligence.

Мy personality type

Literally everyone has their own personality type, and they all are different.

I myself am generally quiet and calm, non-conflict, overthinker person. But I also have anger issues. I live for myself, and I try not to interfere in the lives of others as much as possible.
I don’t have many friends, but I really appreciate and cherish all of them. And I am ready to help, if they needed to, and do my best.
An ordinary teenager who often does not understand herself. This is what pisses me off, in myself. Sometimes I’m lazy, but if I really like what I’m doing, I’ll do my best. I’m kinda shy person, and I always feel uncomfortable with strangers. I’m generally closed person, but if I feel comfortable with someone, I can be different.

You are what you listen to

“You are what you listen to”, aren’t you? Do you agree with this statement or not? Why?

To be honest, partly I disagree. I met such people whose musical tastes surprised me, so there’s no way I would have guessed that they like it exactly. For example, in my opinion, most people who listen to rock are calm and quiet…

When, where and why do you listen to music?

I literally listen t music everywhere. When I do my lessons, when I get ready, when I walk or run, when I just want to relax…

Do you enjoy music by its lyrics, melody or both? Why?

I can listen to music for the melody, and enjoy it at all, but in order for me to like the music, the lyrics must be meaningful, it should remind me of myself.

Pick a song which you can relate to you enjoy listening to (lyrically) or a song that can describe you at some point (by the lyrics). Point out the lines, that are the most relatable to you, you may even translate the entire lyrics of the picked song. Be creative!

Not that this song describes me, or smth, but lately I’ve been listening to this song a lot because of these lines in the lyrics, and I really in love whit them.

«Hard 2 Face Reality» by Justin Bieber, Poo Bear
Sometimes it’s hard to face reality

Don’t be afraid to stand alone
Don’t be afraid to stand outside the door alone
I know it’s hard to work from home
And it ain’t easy all alone


Everyone has problems, cause problems are inevitable. However, instead of complaining, we can learn a lesson from them, and when faced a problem, analyze, understand the reason and not repeat the same mistake the second time.I take frivolous problems very easily, thinking that after a while everything will be better, and now there is no need to worry, and be sad. Sometimes I turn to friends to listen to advice, but only I myself can solve my problems. I didn’t have any problems with school until 10th grade. There have always been no problems with lessons or classmates. But this year it is not possible to concentrate on lessons, I think this is normal, everyone wants to spend a lot of time with friends during this period. The last problem I solved was antipathy or something similar. I didn’t want to talk to anyone and didn’t want to do anything. Now with the beginning of school, everything has improved. And eating disorders. There is a solution to any problem. 

Who inspires me the most

Unfortunately, at this moment there is no one who inspires me. But I would love to talk about people who have changed my life, they have always been an example for me. BTS… Many people have heard of them, but not everyone knows how difficult it was to achieve this recognition, they literally made it all out of nothing, even without money for food, now they are billionaires. They really make me believe that anything is possible, that I don’t need to give up, I need to act, move forward, no matter how long it takes… You should follow your dreams and not listen to others. They make me believe that there are still people whose money and application are not able to change. They taught me to love and accept myself. These are the people I would like to be like… I follow them with pleasure, I am sincerely glad of their successes, achievements …

Teenagers and money (pocket money)

I think any teenager gets pocket money from their parents. So me too. They give me money for food and for a bus. I prefer to collect money, even if there is no specific goal, because one day they will definitely be needed. I save money just by not eating at school. Our school is famous for its trips, and so as not to bother parents, with the collected money, I can just go on a trip. I mostly spend money on accessories, make-up or clothes. Sometimes I buy smth that I just put somewhere in the room and don’t use, or albums of my favorite artists that in fact I do not actually use too.


There are all four seasons in Armenia: hot in summer, cold in winter, and neither too hot nor too cold in autumn and spring. I really like the weather in Armenia. the weather in our country is really good and comfort.
I like rainy weather, at the same time I love warmth. The ideal option is to take a book and hot tea, read by the window, while listening to the sound of the rain. And a rainbow after the rain, which you can admire forever. I love fall, when the weather is neither hot nor cold, mild rains, calm winds, the leaves are everything around is colorful. Isn’t it paradise for the eyes? It is impossible not to love autumn.

Gender Inequality

There are currently inequalities between gender all over the world. And there is a movement that is fighting for equality, the feminist movement. Thanks to this movement, women in many countries have almost equal rights with men. That’s why people think that feminism is not needed in this century, but there are countries that really need feminism. One of them is India, where only 9% of women have access to education. One of these countries is Afghanistan, where about 80% of women get married at a young age, 87% do not receive an education, etc.

In addition to serious problems, there are many stereotypes, such as: girls are weaker, only girls must be housewives and do housework, girls are bad drivers, girls cannot be mechanics, pilots… I think that equality will be only when not only rights are equal, but the mentality of people is not limited and they will think about it equally and correctly.

My favorite thing

That’s lot of things I like. but today i want to talk about my diary. I’ve always loved diaries and I had a lot of them, but this one is special for me. I do not write about my day, or something like that in it. There are lot of different pages, and it all depends on the mood. I can even draw, and even drawings dominate there. Mostly I draw anime characters, sometimes I write quotes from this anime… I can write some plans, or make some interesting pages, like I rate the anime, doram or film that I watch, etc. I always take it with me, no matter where I go. Еvery time I see beautiful stickers, scotches, etc. in the store, I immediately buy it, thinking that they will fall perfectly for decorating new pages. To be honest, my motivation often disappears, and I may not write anything there for weeks, so I feel that my diary will be with me for a long time, since it is unlikely that the pages will end ever. But when my motivation comes, I can’t stop, because I always have a lot of ideas of what to do. And the fun fact is that my bestie and I keep similar diaries, we have bought it together. This makes it even more important to me. So there is my comfort zone, here I feel free and good… I like the time I spend on my diary.

Essay: Writing a Letter to Yourself

Your school is trying to decide on a famous person to give a speech or presentation to students. Who do you think they should choose? Write an essay to convince your principal.

If my school tries to decide on a famous peson to give a speech or presentation to students, I’d suggest inviting BTS. And it’s not because I’m the fan of them. I think they’re a good example for teenagers. Тhe path they went by, teaches a lot of things… Тhey literally have achieved everything that they have now, out of nothing. Now we all know, that they are billionaires, but at the beginning they even didn`t have enough money for food, they had a lot of problems that I don’t want to talk about now, there is always a lot of hаtе in their side, etc. . So it’s a good motivation to go for our dreams and never give up.
I watched their interviews and listened to their songs, too much. And they teach only good things. And the most important of them, in my opinion, is we all need to love ourselves. And not only this actually. I would like to quote an excerpt from the «Remarks by BTS’ Kim Namjoon (RM) at the launch of Generation Unlimited, at the UN General Assembly».
«So, let’s all take one more step. We have learned to love ourselves, so now I urge you to “speak yourself. Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice, and I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, your gender identity: just speak yourself. Find your name, find your voice by speaking yourself.»
So we are in high school, we are just ordinary teenagers, and we all need to know these things and learn to do this. We need a «cure» for depression and stress, of which there is so much in this period. and speaking by my own example, they teach to live.