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1) a. Complete the sentences, Use the comparative or superlative from of the adjective.
1. Today is the longest (long) day of the year.
2. For me, Geography is more difficult (difficult) than Maths. It’s difficult for me to remember facts about countries.
3. History is the easiest (easy) subject at school.
4. I feel dreadful! This is the worst (bad) day o f my life!
5. I don’t argue with Joe, because he’s bigger (big) than me.
6. Sally is better (good) than me at Art.
7. I think my results will be worse (bad) this year than last year.
8. If you want to be fit, a healthy diet and lots of exercise are the most important (important) things.
b. Look st Linda’s diary. Write sentences about the things she’s doing next weekend.

10.00 driving lesson
3.00 meet Gerard in cafe
6.00 cinema with Sue
12.30 lunch with Wendy
5.00 homework
7.30 cousins arrive from Canada!

1. At 10.00 she’s having a driving lesson.
2. At 3.00 she meet Gerard in cafe.
3. At 6.00 she and Sue go to cinema.

4. At 12.30 she and Wendy are doing lunch.
5. At 5.00 homework.
6. At 7.30 …… .
2. a. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

imitate, translate, make mistakes, look up, accent, mean, guess, communicate

1. when I speak English, I sometimes make mistakes in grammar, but I can still … with English speakers.
2. Excuse me, what does this word mean?
3. I want my pronunciation to be better, so I listen to cassettes and communicate the speakers.
4. For homework, our teacher sometimes gives us texts in English and we have to translate them into our language.
5. My father speaks good English, but he has a very strong accent.
6. When I don’t know a word, I try to guess the meaning. If I can do that, I look up the word in my dictionary.
b. Write the holiday activities in the lists.

climbing, windsurfing, swimming, camping, horse riding, sightseeing, snorkelling, canoeing, surfing, sunbathing

in/on water                                       not in/on water
swimming                                          climbing
windsurfing                                      camping
snorkelling                                        horse riding
canoeing                                            sightseeing
surging                                              sunbathing

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